Phil Anselmo's Worst Job Ever

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 11/13/2012 category: online downloads
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Phil Anselmo's Worst Job Ever
Like most rockstars, Phil Anselmo worked some pretty bad jobs before making it big with Pantera. He only had three other jobs, but in a recent interview with Fuse he admits he almost punched a MaîTre D at a restaurant because it was so bad. "I worked offshore as a shrimper, which was awesome. I washed dishes at a Chinese restaurant, that sucked," he said. "Then I was a busboy at the most busy, incredible Italian restaurant in New Orleans - Tony Angelos - and that really sucked. I almost knocked the MaîTre D out cold before I quit." You can see the full interview with Phil below, which is hilarious for reasons we can't pin down. Phil isn't the only rockstar to have worked a crappy job before earning a career in rock. Here's some other examples, which might give those of you in dead-end jobs some hope for the future. Ozzy Osbourne worked in an abattoir. "I was a natural at killing animals," he once said. He was eventually promoted to "cow killer". Jack White did furniture upholstery from the age of 15. His business card read: "Your furniture's not dead." Years later, the card for his label Third Man Records says "Your record player's not dead." Tony Iommi was a sheet metal worker, and an accident in the factory seriously damaged his fingers - but the unusual playing style he developed helped give birth to metal as we know it. Elvis Presley was an apprentice electrician, and kept working until after his first electrifying TV appearance. Watch the interview with Phil Anselmo about his first jobs here:
What kind of jobs are you working at the moment? Let us know and share your work anecdotes, good or bad, in the comments.
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