Primus' Tribute To Lee Van Cleef

artist: primus date: 05/28/2012 category: online downloads
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Primus' Tribute To Lee Van Cleef
Last year Primus returned with "Green Naugahyde", their first full-length studio record in over a decade. One of our favourite tracks on the release was "Lee Van Cleef", a paean to the deceased movie star. Now Primus have released a video for said tune. Track: Primus Lee Van Cleef File Under: jerkalong spaghetti hoopla Lee Van Cleef gained notoriety by starring in Spaghetti Westerns alongside Clint Eastwood (i.e. "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"). Primus clearly prefer Van Cleef's acting talents to Eastwood's, as the song's lyrics go like this: "On the big screen they wanna see ol' Clint... they all wanna see ol' Clint... but I wanna see Lee Van Cleef." Primus might have a point, but we always preferred Bob "Tumbleweed" Baker (aka "The Singing Outlaw") ourselves... It's worth watching the video to the end, when a crumbling and zombified cartoon version of Van Cleef finally wreaks his revenge on The Man With No Name...
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