Puscifer Release 'Conditions Of My Parole' Music Video

artist: Puscifer date: 10/25/2011 category: online downloads
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Puscifer Release 'Conditions Of My Parole' Music Video
Maynard James Keenan brings his signature brand of weird to the trailer park in Puscifer's brand new music video for the title track off of their new album "Conditions Of My Parole".

Maynard jumps head first into the sophomore album with his genre-blending side project Puscifer.

Their album "Conditions of My Parole" hit stores last week and the band will begin a tour supporting the release shortly, you can find the dates here.

When you're the frontman of two highly conceptual, no nonsense art-rock bands like Tool and A Perfect Circle, it's gotta feel good to cut loose every once in a while and inject some comedy into your work.

That's exactly how Maynard & Co. approached this video that features the band rocking out in a cramped trailer, a ton of creeper stache close-ups, and plenty of Maynard's beer gut.

Thanks for the report to Banana1015.com.
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