Rush: First Chapter Of 'Clockwork Angels' Novel Published Online

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Rush: First Chapter Of 'Clockwork Angels' Novel Published Online
"The best place to start an adventure is with a quiet, perfect life and someone who realizes that it can't possibly be enough." That's the opening line to a new novel from Rush drummer Neil Peart, which is based on their new album of the same name. A full chapter has been published on Rolling Stone, where protagonist Owen Hardy schedules a date with his true love Lavinia. Little do they know of the perfect storm that is coming... Peart collaborated with Kevin J. Anderson, an established science fiction novelist, in a bid to expand the theme on the new Rush album. "Kevin did the heavy lifting on the prose-writing," says Peart. "But I was involved all the way in review and suggestions and the general shape and mood of it." "Neil and I discussed the story of the album as he developed the songs, and so the plot came together as the lyrics were finished," Anderson told SciFiPulse (via Blabbermouth). "I read the song lyrics as he completed them, but the last pieces didn't gel until I heard the rough mixes of the songs, music and words (back in February). Then I started writing." Anderson says you can enjoy the novel without hearing the album, but they work better together: "Play it while you're reading the novel. The two should be greater than the sum of the parts." Now Peart wants to see the story on stage. It might seem wishful thinking, but he wants his friends at "South Park" to take it all the way to Broadway. "Matt Stone is a pretty good friend of ours," he expained. "We just saw him in Ottawa. Those guys not only went from South Park to Broadway, but they had a huge hit on Broadway. I really admire that and I would be glad to take part in anything like that, too." Did you like the novel? Do you want to see it on stage? Let us know in the comments.
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