Scott Weiland Debuts 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' Video

artist: scott weiland date: 12/15/2011 category: online downloads
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Scott Weiland Debuts 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' Video
Scott Weiland is certainly doing his best to reinvent himself as a Rat Pack crooner with his holiday set "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year". He has just issued a video (watch below) for his version of the wistful holiday standard "I'll Be Home For Christmas". The vid starts with a waving American flag and vintage footage of troops playing on the screen behind Weiland's swaying silhouette. When Weiland steps into the light, he is wearing a military uniform, and clutching an old fashioned mic. He's essentially "Saving Private Weiland". It's a quirky version of the Christmas classic, but Weiland does highlight the fact that the song is a bit melancholy, since it's about dreaming about the ones you want to be with for the holidays... But who aren't around. The obvious implication here is that the troops stationed overseas should be home with their families to celebrate the holidays. The video is spare and focusing on striking images, such as Weiland singing as though he were a part of the WWII contingent that is shown in the footage; he does a lot with a little. The clip for "I'll Be Home For Christmas" follows the Stone Temple Pilots singer's retro video for "Winter Wonderland". If you can't get enough Weiland-in-the-holiday-spirit, you can also check out his performance of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" for iHeart Radio. He's a sharp-dressed man in white, too! Scott Weiland Tour Dates: 12/16 - Huntington N.Y. 12/17 - New York, N.Y. 12/19 - Washington D.C. 12/23 - Redondo Beach, Calif. Watch Scott Weiland's "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Video
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