Sparta's Short Film Trailer: 'Eme Nakia'

artist: sparta date: 09/05/2006 category: online downloads
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Eme Nakia, the short film by Tony Hajjar of Sparta, has been selected to be part of the Los Angeles Short Film Festival and the Harlem International Film Festival. Eme Nakia is a unique 16-minute film that Tony Hajjar along with his band Sparta will release as part of a special edition of their new album, Threes. The word "Eme" means "Mother" in Arabic, and Nakia was the name of Tony's mother. The album and short film will be available on 10/24. The film grew out of a desire for the band to make a movie while recording their third album. Jim Ward, frontman and guitarist for band, suggested telling the story of Hajjar's (Sparta's drummer) remarkable personal history: He was born in Beirut, Lebanon and at the age of 5, along with his family, fled his country during the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990. Check out the trailer streams below to get a feel for the short film:
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