Steel Panther's Guide To Groupies

artist: Steel Panther date: 04/25/2012 category: online downloads
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Steel Panther's Guide To Groupies
Steel Panther have posted an exclusive guide to rock n' roll groupies. "No rock or heavy metal band scores more chicks than this band - period," says singer Michael Starr. "We're going to tell you our sex-perience with different kinds of women," explains bassist Lexxi Foxx. You can see their guide in the video below. Here's a run-down of the different types of groupie, according to Steel Panther: Hot From Far - chicks who look killer from far away, until you pull them on stage. Hot Annoyer - A "yuckky" friend to a hot girl, otherwise known as "excess baggage". The Smart One - The kind that asks questions like "do you have a condom?" or "do you have herpes?" Jail Bait - Groupies who say they're celebrating their 18th birthday when it's actually their 14th birthday. Avoid. The Town Bicycle - Risky, because they might have just been through the Motley Crue backstage area. The Perfect Groupie - the kind that is super hot, pays your rent, and won't talk when the football is on. Of course, Steel Panther are simply a real-life parody of 80s glam metal bands, so don't take them too seriously. Their album "Balls Out" was released in November, which made it to the Billboard Top 40 with 12,000 sales in its opening week. It was produced by Grammy winning engineer Jay Rushton. Watch the Steel Panther guide to groupies here (via Blabbermouth):
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