Valient Thorr EPK Is Now Online

artist: Valient Thorr date: 02/08/2006 category: online downloads
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Witness the audio, video wizardry of Valient Thorr from their 2005 Total Universe Man tour featuring never before seen concert footage from last year's Vans Warped Tour and homecoming show at King Barcade in Raleigh, NC, interviews with the band, clips from Fuse TV's coverage of Warped Tour, a visit to their crash site, and their music video for Man Behind The Curtain. The files for these various formats are quite large, we suggest you right click and save file as and watch when it is completely downloaded. Quicktime for your computerm, Quicktime for your iPod. Or you can get the EPK via the Volcom podcast/vidcast. XML link, iTunes link. Valient Thorr are currently in California doing preproduction work and will enter the studio with Fred Archambault (Death By Stereo, Eighteen Visions, Vagenius) in March to record a new album due out this summer.
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