Watch New Muse Video 'Madness'

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Watch New Muse Video 'Madness'
Muse have released the official video to their new single "Madness", directed by Anthony Mandler, which you can see in the player below. It is the second single from their forthcoming album "The 2nd Law", following their Olympic theme "Survival". Meanwhile, frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed ambitious plans for their live shows next year. He hopes to land "a huge Zeppelin shaped like a UFO" during their sets. Speaking to NME, he added that performing live with Muse has done wonders for his confidence: "I'd been quite an introverted person in the early years of the band. I was actually having a lot of trouble coming out of myself," he said. "Over the course of the first three albums I gradually opened up, and something came out of me, a strange level of confidence that I didn't know was there. In live performance there was just a desire to smash this shy person." Muse are confirmed for the forthcoming iTunes festival on September 30. Watch the official video for "Madness" here. Notice the awesome touch-pad bass guitar called a Kitara: What do you think of the new single? Do you agree that performing in a rock band can help improve your confidence? Let us know in the comments.
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