Zombified Anthrax Guitarist On Video

artist: Anthrax date: 10/11/2011 category: online downloads
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Zombified Anthrax Guitarist On Video
Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian got ready for Halloween early this year when he became a zombie for the hit TV show The Walking Dead. Now the TV network has posted a "webisode" featuring Ian made-up in his zombie gear, which you can see in the clip below around the 45-second mark (via Blabbermouth). Speaking on his website, Ian explained that the makers of the show were the ones who got in touch with him to see if he would to take part. "I couldn't say yes to this fast enough," he said. "I've been wanting to do this my whole life. Zombies have always been my favorite genre of horror and to participate in something as killer as Walking Dead would just be amazing. Truly my 'Make A Wish' moment!" Ian discovered that there were three tiers of zombie make-up, and was please to find he would get a full set of head and neck wounds. "Garrett Immel was doing my makeup, he's one of the top dudes doing this on the planet. He explained how there are the main 'hero' zombies, then the second tier background zombies which are more just makeup and blood and then there are the third tier background zombies with just makeup I told him to not hold back, make it as brutal as he wants." What exactly happened in Ian's scene? "The lead is coming out of the house with two kids running into the street and they pass right by me. I turn and track them and then shamble off after them. "I was so focused on one of the little kid actors, staring at him and thinking 'I am going to eat your f-----g head off you little f----r.' I think the kid could feel my malevolence towards him because he kept looking at me nervously and hiding behind his 'mom'. "I kept the makeup on after the shoot and headed home. I got some great looks from people in other cars. I wanted to keep the makeup on all week!" Ian's final prank was to leave the zombie make-up on while he fed his baby son. "His reaction was basically, 'yeah, whatever, feed me ugly!'" The guitarist will eventually post a full set of pictures detailing the entire process. The survival horror series begins on AMC with a 90-minute episode on October 16.
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