New Music Playlist: Paramore, Cathedral, Dinosaur Jr. and More

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New Music Playlist: Paramore, Cathedral, Dinosaur Jr. and More
Welcome to our weekly playlist of the best new songs and streams from the week. We're kicking off with Paramore before moving straight into the metal underworld with Cathedral, who are officially breaking up after their next album. If you're not familiar with their work, this stream is a good place to start. Then we've got Dinosaur Jr. and their nice little cover of a recent track by pop group Phoenix, but that's the last moment of peace you'll get before an assault of awesomely heavy new tracks from every corners of the metal world. Ramp up the volume and strap yourself in - there's some great music down there. We love to hear about your favorite tracks and always listen to any tips on new artists in the comments, so join the debate down there and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Paramore "Still Into You"

The second song from Paramore's forthcoming self-titled album, slated for release in early April.

Cathedral "The Last Spire"

Cathedral have been one of the most respected doom metallers in the world for more than 20 years, but they've decided to call it a day. Their final album "The Last Spire" will be available from April 30 in North America - listen to the title track here.

Dinosaur Jr. "Entertainment"

Alt-rock kings Dinosaur Jr. cover a song by Phoenix, who might be the only awesome pop group in the world. We shared the Phoenix version on a recent weekly playlist, but this stream is a great re-interpretation too.

Iced Earth "Damien"

An operatic live recording from their first official Blu-Ray/DVD live release. They've been playing more shows in the past year than they had in the past decade, and it sounds like they're on top form.

Kvelertak "Manelyst"

Warning: this gory video probably isn't suitable for work or squeamish minds. But the music rocks, so why not put this window in a tab and bother your boss with the volume instead.

Heaven Shall Burn "Veto"

If you're not into electronic beats, be patient; this song explodes with all the rage of Rammstein recording a metal anthem with Trent Reznor.

Hypocrisy "Tales Of Thy Spineless"

Frighteningly good death metal from - you guessed it - Sweden.

Lost Society "Fast Loud Death" [FULL ALBUM]

Loud, angst thrash metal - and a full 13 tracks of it too. Can't argue with that.

Ivanhoe "Walldancer"

German progressive metal from their next album "Systematrix," due in May.
What do you like best? Let us know in the comments.
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