upcoming releases:
Muse Recording New Album With Orchestra
Band posts clip of sessions to Instagram.

POSTED: 12/18/2014 - 08:31 am

Iron Maiden Hint at New Album and Tour in 2015
Christmas card reveals serious hints of studio activity for next year.

POSTED: 12/17/2014 - 02:42 pm

Chad Smith Talks New RHCP Album: 'It Will Break the New Ground'
Band is working with unnamed producer on new record.

POSTED: 12/16/2014 - 09:30 am

Metallica 'Blueprinting' New Album, Trujillo Says
"I'm really happy with what's happening instrumentally," the bassist says.

POSTED: 12/11/2014 - 03:22 pm

FFDP Working on 'Brutal' Album, Drummer Says
"Extreme dynamics" also included in the mix.

POSTED: 12/08/2014 - 06:39 pm

Steven Wilson Shares Promising Material in Latest Album Update
A tasty jam we have here. Also, artwork talk.

POSTED: 12/07/2014 - 02:58 pm

Periphery Unleash New Single 'The Bad Thing'
Give the chugger a spin inside.

POSTED: 12/04/2014 - 04:55 pm

GN'R Using Slash's Old Material for New Album, Guitarist Says
"There's three albums worth of material, easy," says Richard Fortus.

POSTED: 12/04/2014 - 02:29 pm

Smashing Pumpkins Streaming New Album 'Monuments to an Elegy' Ahead of Release
Check out the record before it's officially out on December 9.

POSTED: 12/02/2014 - 07:39 pm

Steven Wilson Details New Album 'Hand. Cannot. Erase,' Unveils Cover, Release Date
Track listing also presented.

POSTED: 12/01/2014 - 03:21 pm

Venom Announce New Album 'From the Very Depths'
Band's 14th studio effort set for January 27 release.

POSTED: 11/26/2014 - 05:19 pm

Queensryche Recorded Much of New Album 'at Home' Because of Diminished Recording Budgets
"You have to be wise with your money," according to Michael Wilton.

POSTED: 11/26/2014 - 11:20 am

AC/DC Streaming 'Rock or Bust' in Full Ahead of Release
In related news, title track video also available for streaming inside.

POSTED: 11/24/2014 - 07:10 pm

Bill Ward Unexpectedly Joins Deftones in the Studio
Estranged Sabbath skinsman surprises the band by dropping by, no info on potential guest appearance available.

POSTED: 11/23/2014 - 02:04 pm

King Crimson Releasing New Live Album in January 2015
Mr. Fripp describes this one as "a hummer."

POSTED: 11/20/2014 - 05:04 pm

Radiohead Are Officially in the Studio Recording a New Album
"It's been a long time coming," says guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

POSTED: 11/20/2014 - 03:19 pm

Kerry King: New Slayer Album Is Done
Though band will go back into studio "because [they] have time."

POSTED: 11/20/2014 - 09:22 am

Steven Wilson's New Album 'Hand. Cannot. Erase' Is Officially Complete
Record due in February. Tour dates also announced. Share your excitement inside.

POSTED: 11/19/2014 - 02:22 pm

Lamb of God Reportedly Working on a New Album
"Something is happening," the band says.

POSTED: 11/18/2014 - 02:04 pm

Nickelback Streaming New Album 'No Fixed Address' in Full
Band describes the album as their most diverse effort yet. Streaming available inside.

POSTED: 11/16/2014 - 12:18 pm

AC/DC Preview 'Play Ball' Video
Brian Johnson discusses new guitarist in clip.

POSTED: 11/11/2014 - 11:00 am

Meshuggah Are 'Messing Around' With Ideas for the New Album
"We're starting to get back into some kind of writing mode," says guitarist Marten Hagstrom.

POSTED: 11/10/2014 - 06:13 pm

New Kings of Leon Album 'Coming Soon,' Drummer Says
Nathan Followill issues a brief update on the "Mechanical Bull" follow-up.

POSTED: 11/10/2014 - 04:15 pm

Pink Floyd Streaming 'The Endless River' in Full
Check out the rock titans' final effort.

POSTED: 11/10/2014 - 12:09 pm

Marilyn Manson to Release 'The Pale Emperor' Album in January
Artwork and track listing revealed.

POSTED: 11/10/2014 - 11:25 am

Foo Fighters Streaming 'Sonic Highways' Ahead of Release
Check out the band's latest effort in full before the November 10 release.

POSTED: 11/08/2014 - 04:31 pm

Megadeth Entering Studio in January, Hoping to Release Album Next Summer
"We're commencing the writing process right now," Dave Mustaine says.

POSTED: 11/06/2014 - 05:24 pm

Machine Head Streaming 'Bloodstone & Diamonds' in Full Ahead of Release
Check out the band's upcoming effort prior to November 7 release.

POSTED: 11/05/2014 - 12:51 pm

Pink Floyd Unveil New Track 'Allons-y (1)'
Instrumental cut surfaces online.

POSTED: 11/05/2014 - 04:53 am

Steven Wilson Explains New Album's Concept and Inspiration, Shares Fresh Music in New Clip
The yet-untitled record to be written from a female perspective, will feature a boy choir; full details inside.

POSTED: 11/04/2014 - 02:36 pm

Nickelback Unveil Blues-Fueled New Single 'Get 'Em Up'
Canadian boys are in a bank-robbing mood these days. Check out the fresh song inside.

POSTED: 11/04/2014 - 01:18 pm

Machine Head Unveil Charles Manson-Inspired New Song 'Night of Long Knives'
New album "Bloodstone & Diamonds" to drop on November 11, check out the visualizer track inside.

POSTED: 11/03/2014 - 08:24 pm

Napalm Death Announce New Album 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat,' Confirm January Release
Grindcore icons set to unleash their 15th studio effort early next year, details inside.

POSTED: 10/31/2014 - 08:18 pm

Foo Fighters Unveil New Song 'Congregation' Featuring Zac Brown
Check out the latest "Sonic Highways" track inside.

POSTED: 10/31/2014 - 12:04 am

Foo Fighters Preview New Track 'Congregation'
Dave Grohl and co release 'Sonic Highways' on November 10.

POSTED: 10/30/2014 - 11:41 am

Liam Howlett Says New Prodigy Album Is a 'Violent' Response to 'All That DJ Bollocks'
Howlett says "dance music has become formula-based."

POSTED: 10/29/2014 - 07:24 am

Soundgarden Rarities Album to Include Tons of Classic Rock Covers
The compilation is released on November 24.

POSTED: 10/29/2014 - 07:06 am

Jamie xx: 'The New xx Album Is Coming, Free and Exciting'
He is also working on a solo album

POSTED: 10/28/2014 - 09:49 am

Soundgarden Return With First New Song in Two Years
Check out "Storm" inside!

POSTED: 10/27/2014 - 02:43 pm

Tool Have Entered Studio With Maynard, Significant Album Update 'On the Horizon'
Has Maynard "heard the sounds?"

POSTED: 10/25/2014 - 01:24 pm

Foo Fighters Streaming New Song 'The Feast and the Famine'
Check out the second "Sonic Highways" track inside.

POSTED: 10/24/2014 - 11:33 am

Cavalera Conspiracy Release 'Babylonian Pandemonium' Video
The track is featured in the band's upcoming album "Pandemonium."

POSTED: 10/24/2014 - 06:57 am

Noel Gallagher Reveals 'In the Heat of the Moment' Video
The first single from new album "Chasing Yesterday."

POSTED: 10/23/2014 - 10:45 am

Pink Floyd Talk New Album and Future Live Plans
Nick Mason tells Gigwise about "The Endless River."

POSTED: 10/23/2014 - 07:45 am

Pink Floyd's 'The Endless River' Is to Become the Most Pre-Ordered Album of the Year
The legendary act's farewell album beats Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" on Amazon.

POSTED: 10/22/2014 - 10:19 am

Devin Townsend Released 'Ziltoid 2''s 'Rejoice'
The first track off the Hevy Devy's upcoming record is here.

POSTED: 10/22/2014 - 08:27 am

'Super-Danceable and Funky' RHCP Album Coming Within a Year, Flea Says
Studio entrance to happen "in the next couple of months."

POSTED: 10/21/2014 - 07:15 pm

New Slayer Album Will Be 'Fast, Heavy, Spooky,' No Music Samples Until 2015
"Anything you dug about Slayer historically, you should dig about this record," Kerry King says.

POSTED: 10/21/2014 - 06:18 pm

Annihilator Aiming to Release New Album Before Next Summer, Jeff Waters Confirms
Album will drop between May and July.

POSTED: 10/21/2014 - 07:00 am

'Louder Than Words' Describes Dysfunctional Pink Floyd Relationship 'Rather Well,' Gilmour Says
"A lot of the time, we don't communicate that well," the guitarist says.

POSTED: 10/21/2014 - 06:16 am