Arctic Monkeys: Album Artwork

artist: arctic monkeys date: 03/16/2007 category: upcoming releases
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Arctic Monkeys: Album Artwork
Arctic Monkeys have unveiled the cover art for their new album "Favourite Worst Nightmare", reports Frontman Alex Turner said that the band wanted to use a real work of art for the cover image. Speaking to NME.COM he said: "We wanted to do something physical, like do something real with the artwork. We got all these illustrators, played them some tunes and that and got them to draw bits of stuff, bits of things that we liked and stuff. "The idea was to get a house or a factory that looks really plain and bland, dark satanic mills or whatever, and then inside there's all this colour. "And then (Liverpool based designers) Juno, who did our last album, basically painted this house, and then they took an actual wall off. "There's all these kids from the area gathering outside it every night now. They're trying to secure it, but it's probably going to get burnt down now!" Bassist Nick O'Malley added that the band wanted more images on the cover. He revealed: "We wanted to get a girl and a lion on it as well." "Favourite Worst Nightmare" is set to be released on April 23, and will be preceded by the single "Brianstorm" a week earlier.
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