Bassist Nikki Sixx: Motley Crue Working On Their 'Best Album Yet'

artist: Nikki Sixx date: 12/05/2012 category: upcoming releases
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Bassist Nikki Sixx: Motley Crue Working On Their 'Best Album Yet'
The year 2013 is gearing up to be a big one for Motley Crue and Nikki Sixx. In addition to working on a broadway play based on his book "The Heroin Diaries", and his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend Courtney Bingham, the bassist recently confirmed that Motley Crue is indeed working on a brand spanking new full-length album. A fan posed the question to Sixx on his Facebook page, asking, "Do you think there will ever be another full Crue album?" Sixx, obviously feeling the holiday spirit, replied with an answer that should please a lot of Crue fans, saying, "'Sex' was the first song and we've all been writing. Will get in the studio to finish what we started and deliver the best Crue album yet." Many fans got a taste of the new material over the summer when Motley Crue toured with Kiss and debuted their first new track "Sex" live. According to Sixx, that's just the beginning and he's been "writing [his] ass off for months now." Apparently fans weren't the only ones inspired by the new tune! As Loudwire reports, 2012 has been a banner year for the Crue as well, now three decades into their career. They kicked it off with a residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, breaking ground for several other rock bands to follow in their footsteps, from Guns N' Roses to Def Leppard. Here's to a whole lot more new Crue in 2013!
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