BB King: Prison Concert From 1972 To Be Released On DVD

artist: B.B. King date: 05/25/2009 category: upcoming releases
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A 1972 concert staged by B.B. King at New York State's notorious Sing Sing Prison is slated for DVD release on June 16, via Music Video Distributors. The concert, which came in the wake of previous prison shows staged by Johnny Cash, took place on Thanksgiving Day and also featured Joan Baez and comedian Jimmie Walker. King opens the show with a stellar performance of "I Got The Blues," establishing an easy rapport with the inmates that's sustained for the duration of the event. An emotionally charged rendition of "Somebody Really Loves You" brings some in the crowd to tears; conversely, a playful treatment of "I Think You're Cheating on Me, Baby," provokes smiles and laughter. King himself has said the concert included some of the finest performances of his career. According to a press release, the concert and the accompanying inside-story footage constitutes "a touching and enlightening documentary about the creation, production and filming of the concert, and a revealing tale of American prison life in the early 1970s." Thanks for the report to
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