Blink-182 Tease New Material

artist: Blink-182 date: 08/30/2012 category: upcoming releases
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Blink-182 Tease New Material
Punk-pop mainstays have fans salivating at the prospect of new material, thanks to a cryptic message from bassist Mark Hoppus on Twitter. Hoppus posted the words "it begins", followed by a link to his Google + profile which displayed a screenshot of music software program Logic according to ContactMusic. Clarifying the comments, Hoppus posed the following message: "Sorry, not trying to be mysterious. Yes, this is me opening a new file for a blink-182 song. I had three ideas today, all very different. I wish I knew how to operate Logic better. These guitar tracks sound like Frankenstein's monster singing dub step..... (sic)" Hoppus had announced that the band was writing material for the new Blink-182 album back in January: "Right now, I'm writing songs and Tom [DeLonge] is doing other stuff," Hoppus revealed. "Basically, we've been on a break since last summer's US tour. I'm sure these will all be Blink songs at the moment I don't have any plans to write songs with anybody else right now. If I do, it'll be a collaboration or a one-off thing, but everything I'm writing right now is for Blink-182." "At the moment all I've got is a bunch of chord progressions and ideas. It's more me playing my guitar and coming up with little ideas and melodies. By the time it goes to Tom and Travis [Barker] and we work on it as a band, who knows what it will sound like." Blink, who reformed in 2009, released their first studio album since their breakup, Neighborhoods, in September 2011. The band will tour Australia in 2013. Drummer Travis Barker will be joining the group, although earlier reports had said that he would be missing out on the Australian leg because of his fear of flying, caused by a plane crash he was involved in in 2008.
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