Bob Dylan Tribute Album To Feature Sting, Adele, Ke$ha

artist: Bob Dylan date: 10/19/2011 category: upcoming releases
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Bob Dylan Tribute Album To Feature Sting, Adele, Ke$ha
Sting, Patti Smith and Ke$ha are teaming up to cover songs by folk legend Bob Dylan for a new charity compilation. Popular music giant Bob Dylan is the focus for a new charity album to benefit Amnesty International. U.K. newspaper the Daily Express, reports that Adele, Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Patti Smith and Ke$ha are featured on "Chimes Of Freedom: Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years Of Amnesty International". Ke$ha, it turns out, is a massive Dylan fan. She told Rolling Stone magazine: "When you think of me, you wouldn't think of Bob Dylan. My music is more about going crazy than politics. But he's a huge influence he writes his own music and means what he says. I write my own music and I f--king mean every word I sing. [In the song] you can hear the snot running down my face." Thanks for the report to Andrew Vaughan,
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