Buckcherry: 'Black Butterfly' Details

artist: buckcherry date: 07/03/2008 category: upcoming releases
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Buckcherry: 'Black Butterfly' Details
Buckcherry has set "Black Butterfly" as the title of its new album, which is expected to be released on September 23, reports Blabbermouth.net. The Japanese version of the CD will apparently arrive on August 27. Buckcherry released "15" just over two years ago, beginning a comeback that saw the band play 300 shows, sell over one million copies of the record, and earn five hit singles after being all but defunct five years ago. Buckcherry has just kicked off "Cre Fest," the summer-long package tour headlined by Mtley Cre. Keith Nelson told The Pulse of Radio a few weeks ago why he was looking forward to the trek. "Mtley Cre is really one of those bands that I think is so ahead of the curve," he said. "For us to be out on the road with them with this package I think is really cool because you're getting a lot of different rock bands. You're getting a band like us, which I don't think there's anything out there quite like us, and you're getting a band like Papa Roach, which I think is probably the best band of the early new millenium bands. Throw in Trapt, who's great, who's had a lot of success, and the Sixx: A.M. guys, and it's just, it is a rock 'n' roll festival." "Cre Fest" will hit over 40 cities, closing out on August 31 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to the CRE and Buckcherry, the lineup features Papa Roach, Trapt and Cre bassist Nikki Sixx's side project, Sixx: A.M.
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