Burton C Bell Talks About Involvement With Ministry

artist: Burton C Bell date: 04/15/2008 category: upcoming releases
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Fear Factory and Ascension Of The Watchers frontman Burton C. Bell speaks about involvement in Ministry's latest album "The Last Sucker" and in the upcoming covers collection "Cover Up": "It was last January [2007], I was talking to a friend, and my friend goes, 'Yeah, Ministry is in the studio recording their last record." I was like, 'Their last record?' 'Yeah, it's their very last record.' 'Really?!' And I was thinking to myself, 'Man, if I want to get involved with this, this is the time.' So what did I do? The very next day I called up Al [Jourgensen, Ministry mainman]. "I was like, 'Al, this is Burton. I met you (at your last New York City show), I know you're doing your last record. I would love to offer my services. I'm there, if you want me I'm there.' He called me like a week later, 'We want you on our record. Come on down.' So he flew me down. I was down there for two weeks. We did 'End Of Days', 'Die In A Crash'. I did another song, it's not on the record, I don't know what happened to it. I started doing those cover songs. It was just like, 'Yeah, this is cool.'" Thanks for the report to Metalunderground.com.
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