Coheed And Cambria LP Tracklisting

artist: Coheed and Cambria date: 08/16/2007 category: upcoming releases
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The tracklisting for No World For Tomorrow has just been made available. It's suitably strange, in that Coheed and Cambria way. The tracklisting is: 01. The Reaping 02. No World for Tomorrow 03. The Hound (of Blood and Rank) 04. Feathers 05. The Running Free 06. Mother Superior 07. Gravemakers & Gunslingers 08. Justice in Murder The End Complete: 09. I -The Fall of House Atlantic 10. II - Radio Bye Bye 11. III - The End Complete 12. IV - The Road and the Damned 13. V - On the Brink I only have one comment: something's happening to the House Atlantic? That somehow just seems wrong, but I guess this really is the end. It certainly feels like it, at least looking at the song titles. I'm really looking forward to this album, even though I strongly suspect it is going to be terribly sad. Thanks for the info to
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