Corey Taylor Records With Dave Grohl

artist: corey taylor date: 01/19/2012 category: upcoming releases
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Corey Taylor Records With Dave Grohl
Corey Taylor has revealed that he has recorded a song with Dave Grohl and Butch Vig. The unusual collaboration was announced on his Twitter, seen below, where Corey expressed his awe at working with two of the biggest names in rock. There were no further clues in the tweet regarding what the project is for. Given that the Foo Fighters frontman recently recorded with members of 1980s metal band Ratt, NME theorise that the track will go towards a collaborative Grohl album. This doesn't mean Foo Fighters will be hanging up their boots in the interim. As previously reported, the band will be writing their followup to "Wasting Light" during 2012, leaving fans to speculate that it could be recorded before the year is out. Taylor points out that working with the "Nevermind" producer and drummer lets him tick off two of his many life goals. Blabbermouth highlight a 2006 quote where Taylor sung Grohl's praises: "I probably identify the most with people like Dave Grohl, who is such a cool dude, so down to earth and probably one of the funniest cats on the planet," he said. "He's just so approachable and yet has done so much. I really, really dig that." Foo Fighters are in with a firm chance of winning a set of Grammy awards after receiving six nominations for "Wasting Light". The 54th annual ceremony will take place on February 12 in Los Angeles.
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