Cradle Of Filth Announce 'The Manticore And Other Horrors'

artist: cradle of filth date: 09/06/2012 category: upcoming releases
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Cradle Of Filth Announce 'The Manticore And Other Horrors'
Cradle Of Filth have completed their tenth album "The Manticore And Other Horrors" and scheduled its release for October 30. Frontman Dani Filth apologised for the delay in its release, but says the band will tour North America and Europe extensively to bring their new music straight to the fans. "We worked like the damned to bring this album kicking and screaming into being over the last few months," writes Dani on the Cradle Of Filth blog. "With the fulfillment of the vocals at Springvale studios, we reconvened at Scott Atkin's Grindstone studios (newcomer Daniel Firth having just finished his bass off), to tackle a mix that had already been pre-waxed extensively into shape, and to finish what choir and female vocals were left to undertake, for what I call on this album, the evil faerie-dusting." Dani says the new album has a notable twist in tone compared to previous releases, but still has all the attitude fans have come to expect from them. "It's ornate, taut, punk and aggressive but very much the neo-classical whore of yore, spitting raw bloody fury through the maw of the majestic. But I would say that, I've had a firm hand in it's oily whelping!" Cradle Of Filth will tour Europe towards the end of 2012 before hopping across the Atlantic pond to tour Mexico, Canada and the US through to Spring 2013.
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