Deftones Update Fans On 'Lush' New Album

artist: Deftones date: 07/02/2012 category: upcoming releases
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Deftones Update Fans On 'Lush' New Album
Deftones have started mixing their new album ahead of its release on October 9 - and have revealed plans to cover some unusual cover tracks as b-sides. The new album will follow 2010's "Diamond Eyes", a staggering return to form which brought them the widest acclaim since 2000's seminal "White Pony". Describing the sound on the new album to Entertainment Weekly, frontman Chino Moreno said: "Obviously we're an aggressive band not the heaviest, but there's a lot of attack. But there's also this lush beauty that flows within everything that we do, and that's my favorite part of the band. To me, it's the epitome of what the Deftones do." Previous album "Diamond Eyes" proved so successful that the band returned to its producer Nick Raskulinecz, who has also produced Foo Fighters, Rush, Evanescence and Alice In Chains. "He's a very hands-on guy," Moreno said. "We adopted a work ethic that was really productive on the last record. We said we were going to work eight hours a day, and since we had those hours, everybody in there was super focused. Before that we had been working up in Sacramento, and the vibe was everybody would come in and hang out and we would work when we got around to it. We had to get more efficient." As usual, the band is weighing up songs to cover and offer as b-sides. But rather than more covers of Chino's beloved Duran Duran and other 1980s heroes, the band will look further back for something more unexpected. "We've done a lot of '80s stuff, but we wanted to do something from farther back," Moreno said. "We sat down and everybody had their computers on and were playing songs that we like. So we're going to do an Elvis Presley song we have five Elvis songs that we've been talking about. And we're going to do Earth, Wind, and Fire. Hopefully we'll get at least two, maybe three or four."
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