Disturbed To Release B-Sides Album 'The Lost Children'

artist: disturbed date: 09/21/2011 category: upcoming releases
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Disturbed To Release B-Sides Album 'The Lost Children'
While the future of Disturbed is shaky at best, fans have at least one more release to look forward to. Singer David Draiman says their new B-sides compilation, "The Lost Children", will be out this year. Disturbed have officially started what has previously been referred to as a "long hiatus". After the initial reports came out that the band would be taking a break after their tour, a series of interviews uncovered that there were real problems within the band. While nothing is written in stone, Disturbed are at least going to be off the radar for a while. However, yesterday Draiman revealed via Twitter that the band does have one more release up their sleeve - a B-side compilation: "Its called 'The Lost Children', a B sides compilation which should be out before the new year." The band has finished up their tour and have no further scheduled dates. "The Lost Children" is set for release on November 8th according to further tweets from Draiman. "The Lost Childre" tracklist 01. Hell 02. A Welcome Burden 03. This Moment 04. Old Friend 05. Monster 06. Run 07. Leave It Alone 08. Two Worlds 09. God Of The Mind 10. Sickened 11. Mine 12. Parasite 13. Dehumanized 14. 3 15. Midlife Crisis (Faith No More cover) 16. Living After Midnight (Judas Priest cover) Thanks for the report to Banana1015.com.
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