Dokken To Release Greatest Hits Set

artist: Dokken date: 04/13/2010 category: upcoming releases
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Dokken have rerecorded some of their best songs for a brand new Greatest Hits set. Greatest Hits 2 is a collection of redone versions of the band's best loved tracks along with a couple of new songs and covers (hear song snippets here) The album has release dates in the US and Japan but no UK date as yet. Here's the tracklist: 01. Just Got Lucky 02. Breaking The Chains 03. Into The Fire 04. The Hunter 05. In My Dreams 06. It's Not Love 07. Alone Again 08. Dream Warrior 09. Unchain The Night 10. Tooth And Nail 11. Almost Over (new song) 12. Magic Man (new song) 13. Bus Stop (the Hollies cover) 14. Lies (The Knickerbockers cover) (Japanese bonus track) Thanks for the report to
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