Down Complete New EP, Announce Early 2014 Release

artist: down date: 12/24/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Down Complete New EP, Announce Early 2014 Release
Down have officially finalized the work on their new studio release, confirming the completed job with a celebratory Facebook post. "EP two is done! ... And there was much rejoicing!" the band stated along with an attached photo. As for the release date, the EP was already announced to tentatively drop in early 2014. Chatting with Metal Hammer radio show, guitarist Pepper Keenan thoroughly discussed the new effort, saying, "It's kind of slight continuation of the first EP, but it's a little bit more ... I wouldn't say 'aggressive,' but it's definitely got some freaky guitar stuff on it. And it's definitely got a pretty good groove factor. And we spent a lot of time trying to make all the songs [fit together stylistically]. "We had several songs that didn't quite match it, so we kind of [set them aside] and we're gonna move them to another EP. But it's got a super-heavy vibe to it, man. I mean, I'm really excited about it. Everybody in the band is excited about it." Pepper continued (via Blabbermouth), "We wrote it kind of like we did the 'Nola' record. Each one of us had some riffs and we got in a room and we just hashed it out like the old days - just going off each person's experiences and ideas. Everybody's ideas were valid, and it really ended up being well rounded and slamming. It was a very creative [process], let's put it that way. Actually, it was surprising some of us how much we really still got it." Down have recently parted ways with longtime guitarist Kirk Windstein. The band's latest studio effort, "Down IV Part I - The Purple EP," saw its release in September 2012 via Down Records.
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