Duff Mckagan: 'My Book Won't Be A Guns N' Roses Tell-All'

artist: duff mckagan date: 03/26/2010 category: upcoming releases
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Duff McKagan has vowed not to focus on Guns N' Roses' troubles in his upcoming autobiography - insisting the book won't be a "tell-all". The band underwent several line-up changes over the years - drummer Stever Adler was fired in 1990 after his drug habit spiralled out of control and guitarist Slash quit the band in 1996 following a series of rows with frontman Axl Rose. McKagan left in 1997 and went onto form Loaded in 2000 before re-teaming with Slash to create Velvet Revolver in 2002. But he's determined not to lift the lid on the tensions between his former bandmates in his new book. In his column on SeattleWeekly.com, he writes, "I want to make clear that this book is not a GN'R (Guns N' Roses) 'tell-all' or some other such 'rock' book. Sure, I will touch on all of that, as it is part of my story, but only just a part of it. "It will be a story of an ordinary guy who met with extraordinary circumstances, and the circumnavigation through these situations. If you have been a reader of my column, then you get the general idea of my headspace. I WILL be writing this myself, thick or thin." The book is set for release next year. Thanks for the report to Contactmusic.com.
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