Duff McKagan's Loaded: New Release Date, Album Title

artist: Loaded date: 01/25/2011 category: upcoming releases
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It's only rock n' roll, and the only constant is change. Duff McKagan's Loaded has made a few changes to its upcoming new album. Originally, the disc was going to be called "The Soundtrack"; it's now been changed to "The Taking." The record was also set for a March release date, but that has changed, too: it'll now be out April 19. As we told you back in November, the project was recorded at a Seattle-area studio with producer Terry Date (Soundgarden. Pantera, Deftones). Two songs from the record are already available: "We Win" and "The Fight" both were played live by the band at a Seattle Seahawks game as part of the team's "Military Appreciation Day" in early November. Eagle Rock also plans to re-release Loaded's 2009 album, "Sick," in May. This special reissue of the CD also packs a bonus DVD, featuring 11 tracks from a live set filmed at The Garage in Glasgow in December, 2008. Thanks for the report to Hennemusic.com.
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