Exodus Post First New Album Update: 'So Goddamned Heavy It Ain't Even Funny!'

artist: exodus date: 03/28/2014 category: upcoming releases
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Exodus Post First New Album Update: 'So Goddamned Heavy It Ain't Even Funny!'
Exodus has issued the first update about the recording of their upcoming album.

As guitarist/frontman Gary Holt states, the band is almost done with tracking drums for what promises to be one of their heaviest albums yet:

"We are well into drum tracks; everything is going super smooth and Tom [Hunting] is just killing it! Best drum sound this band has ever laid down - sounds just simply pummeling! Only one more song and some B sides to go, then we go through things and make sure everything is up to par, and then time for guitars! Can't wait to add the crunch to these monsters.

"This is gonna be so goddamned heavy it ain't even funny! We couldn't be more stoked and pleased with how this record is coming along! Bludgeoning!"

The new record will be the first from Exodus since "Exhibit B: The Human Condition," which was released in 2010.
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