Five Finger Death Punch on Rob Halford: 'The Guy Is an Icon'

artist: five finger death punch date: 06/28/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Five Finger Death Punch on Rob Halford: 'The Guy Is an Icon'
Five Finger Death Punch have praised their hero and new collaborator Rob Halford of Judas Priest, who features on their new album "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell." "I grew up listening to him - they guy's an icon for music in general," says frontman Ivan Moody, who was as surprised as anyone when Halford once revealed that he was a fan of their band and later accepted an offer to appear on their new album with the song "Wrong Side of Heaven." But as he explains, the dream collaboration almost didn't happen. "He was quoted as saying Five Finger Death Punch was one of his favorite bands. And it just blew me away - I was like, 'Wow! I can't believe this just happened!' We approached out management and said, if we could have anybody in the world on this album, let's see what Rob would do. "At first it was a no, so we walked away thinking 'Ah, we didn't think it was going to happen.' About a week later, we got a call back saying that he had heard the track 'Lift Me Up' and that he was absolutely going to do it, and fly into Las Vegas three days later."
"The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1" will be released on July 30.
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