Gene Simmons, Lars Ulrich Reported For Next 'Guitar Hero'

artist: Guitar Hero date: 05/19/2010 category: upcoming releases
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Details on the next "Guitar Hero" game are leaking. Joystiq reports that Gene Simmons will act as a sort of emcee for the game, with other appearances by Queen, Black Sabbath and Metallica's Lars Ulrich included as recruitable characters in a new "quest mode." It's also going to lose the feature that let gamers play songs by one band using the avatars of another (something that caused Courtney Love to sue when she discovered users could play any song in the game as Kurt Cobain). Also, CBGB will appear as a real-world venue in which to play, and all songs downloaded for previous iterations of the game will be available in the new one. Release date still unknown. Thanks for the report to
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