Geoff Tate Pulls Album Preview Offline?

artist: queensryche date: 04/17/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Geoff Tate Pulls Album Preview Offline?
A stream of Geoff Tate's new Queensryche album "Frequency Unknown" has been pulled offline only hours after being posted and being blasted by fans. The stream was posted yesterday afternoon to Cleopatra Records' Soundcloud page, and appeared on several news sites where commenters began sharing their feedback. Now it looks like the negative reaction may have prompted the label to pull the album stream, because it went offline by midnight. "Can't believe my ears how rushed this sounds. Underproduced seems to be the right word," said one listener on Blabbermouth. Another said: "After the La Torre version of the band put out some strong samples I thought that Geoffrey would hire some kick a-- writers to write the Queensryche Record of the Century ... This does not sound like Queensryche at all." Not everyone was against Tate's new music, with one commenter calling Tate's re-recordings of classic Queensryche songs "sublime." Yesterday we reported on Tate admitting that the first "Frequency Unknown" album mix should have been better. "We were a little rushed on the mixing end of it, so after listening to it back, we're having some of the songs remixed now before the album comes out ... it was kind of lacking," he said. The original Queensryche are still working on their Todd La Torre-fronted album, which is due later in the year. See Tate's bombastic Queensryche preview video with the single "Cold" here:
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