Gojira: 'We're Hungry for New Songs'

artist: gojira date: 12/05/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Gojira: 'We're Hungry for New Songs'
Being on the road for so long, French metallers Gojira are now getting the itch to write some new material and are more than looking forward to hit the studio once again. Chatting with Performer Mag, frontman Joe Duplantier also discussed some of the touring setbacks when it comes to songwriting. "It's kind of strange to go on the road for so long," he said. "We're hungry for new songs. I wish I could be in two places at the same time, in the studio constantly, creating stuff, because that’s what I like the most." Focusing on writing music on the tour bus, Duplantier added: "I actually hate it. I mean, I love it when there's an idea and it works and it sounds like there are things happening, but it's really weird to sit in the middle of all these shoes - because everybody throws their shoes in the back lounge, and dirty socks - and a computer, and [Mario Duplantier's drum] pad ... we're not a rock band anymore, you know? "It's like being in a cage, a stinky cage with a computer. It's not the same. I need to be in a room with my friends and jam, so I cannot wait to get to that stage," the frontman concluded. During the rest of the chat, Joe explained why he doesn't look at Gojira as a "French" band, discussing the nation's vibe and his own family along the way. "In France, the vibe of the country is very far apart from metal, so we cannot really go, 'Yeah, we're French!'" he jokingly kicked off, mimicking an angry-faced metaller. "Mario - my brother - and myself, we have an American mother," Duplantier said. "She was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and she grew up in the States. She traveled to France, met my dad, and stayed in France. Never came back to the [States]. So we had, also, this American education. I mean, even though I was born and raised in France I had more of something else, this education, so since I'm a kid, I'm like, 'I'm not French, I'm a human being.' So Gojira is more like a 'human being' band. An intellectual band." Elaborating further, Joe confessed that he was never too fond of the idea of singing in French, nor has he ever experimented with it. "I never tried to sing in French," he explained. "It was completely natural to sing in English. I guess I wanted to sound like Metallica and Sepultura. But more than that ... when you want to deliver a message, you want to be understood by the world. The idea of communicating something to the world, it cannot be in French, really." So are you excited about the guys hitting the studio soon or what? And what do you think of the whole musical language barrier matter - is English the best language to sing in, no matter the country? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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