HIM: String Quartet To Record Famous HIM Songs

artist: him date: 08/21/2007 category: upcoming releases
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HIM: String Quartet To Record Famous HIM Songs
Vitamin Records will release an album called "A String Quartet Tribute To HIM" on September 11th. The album will contain the most famous songs from the band. The tracklisting is as follows: 01. Wings of a Butterfly 02. Killing Loneliness 03. Lose You Tonight 04. Join Me 05. Vampire Heart 06. Right Here In My Arms 07. Buried Alive By Love 08. Your Sweet Six Six Six 09. Beyond Redemption 10. Razorblade Kiss 11. In Joy and Sorrow 12. J.I.M. (original composition) You can listen to some samples here. Vitamin Records describes the album and band: "H.I.M.'s cult-like following has only just begun to grow. Right from the start, Ville and the boys had a sound quite unlike their metal brethren in Finland. The combination of the romantic and the hard-edged, epitomized by their Love Metal aesthetic and iconic heartagram logo, won them fans throughout Europe, as well as fans abroad. Skating legend and Jackass Bam Margera adopted the band's logo and got the hype machine rolling. His devotion, along with his non-stop media exposure, introduced H.I.M. to a whole new audience. Since then, they've become one of the most beloved and recognizable bands amongst an entire generation of music fans. Vitamin Records' The String Quartet Tribute to H.I.M. is a haunting and beautiful recreation of this iconic band's unique sound. Their pulsating riffs and lush melodies are the perfect template for these unbelievable pieces. This album is an essential for any H.I.M. fan's collection." Thanks for the info to Metalfromfinland.com.
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