How Much Of The 'New' Jimi Hendrix Album Is Actually New?

artist: jimi hendrix date: 11/28/2012 category: upcoming releases
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How Much Of The 'New' Jimi Hendrix Album Is Actually New?
The "new" Jimi Hendrix album "People, Hell And Angels" has been announced this week. But how much of it is new?

Antiquiet have scoped out the details, and discovered that only two songs are technically new - and one of those is debatable.

But still, his long-time friend and engineer Eddie Kramer says the album is a prime example of Jimi's studio experiments, as you can see in the player below.

"Jimi was in the studio constantly," said Kramer. "If he wasn't on the road he was in the studio. He'd come up with these great song ideas... He was trying different musicians, stretching out his boundaries, and it yielded some fantastic songs which are included in this album."

Here's the rundown of tracks on the album, and where you may have heard them before.

01. "Earth Blues" Is it new: No. Appeared on: "First Rays Of The Rising Sun" (1997)

02. "Somewhere" Is it new: No. Appeared on: 4-disc box set "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" (2000)

03. "Hear My Train A Comin'" Is it new: No Appeared on: Lots of releases in several forms

04. "Bleeding Heart" Is it new: No. Appeared on: "Valleys Of Neptune" (2010), which was also hyped as a "new album" by Hendrix.

05. "Let Me Move You" Is it new: Yes, according to the press release: "In March 1969, Jimi reached back to another old friend, saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood... This session features Hendrix and Youngblood trading licks throughout this never before heard, high velocity rock and soul classic."

06. "Izabella" Is it new: No. Appeared on: "First Rays Of The New Rising Sun" (1997)

07. "Easy Blues" Is it new: No. Appeared on: "Nine To The Universe" (1981), though this version is apparently twice as long as the original.

08. "Crash Landing" Is it new: No. Appeared on: "Crash Landing", though that one used overdubs from other musicians - this release uses the original recordings, which is a bonus.

09. "Inside Out" Is it new: Sort of. It's said to be an early version of "Ezy Ryder".

10. "Hey Gypsy Boy" Is it new: No. Appeared on: "Midnight Lightning"

11. "Mojo Man" Is it new: No. Appeared on: A single by The Ghetto Fighters last year, according to Antiquiet.

12. "Villanova Junction Blues" Is it new: No. Appeared on: A 2006 compilation album "Burning Desire".

Whether the tracks are new or not, are you looking forward to the new Hendrix release? Let us know in the comments.
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