Jack White and Neil Young Worked on Music Together After All

artist: neil young date: 03/14/2014 category: upcoming releases
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Jack White and Neil Young Worked on Music Together After All
It turned out there was some truth in recently shot down rumors after all, as Neil Young has officially confirmed a studio collaboration with Jack White.

Titled "A Letter Home," Young's new covers album was recorded at White's Third Man studio in Nashville and will be available "very soon," most likely this spring.

Chatting with Billboard, Neil announced Jack's musical involvement on two tracks. "It's not ready for prime time yet," he added. "It's not really a release yet, but it's a very unique record. It's like a time capsule. It doesn't sound like anything you've heard that was made recently. And some great songs, some beautiful music."

As far as a new studio record with original music is considered, the musician confirmed having fresh material, but no specific release plans as of yet. "I have new songs that I'm working on, and I haven't stopped doing that," he said.

"I do it when I feel like it and I'm collecting them. And sometimes I play them live before they come out as a record, and because of the way everything is people hear them before they come out, on the Internet. But I still feel like I'm gonna make records of them."

Young is also working on his second book, "Special Deluxe," turning 2014 into quite a busy year for the rock icon. As reported, Neil had recently unveiled his new Pono music player. More details here.
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