Jimi Hendrix Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary Out Next Year

artist: jimi hendrix date: 11/23/2010 category: upcoming releases
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A new Jimi Hendrix documentary trailing the late guitarist's two-night residency at London's Royal Albert Hall in 1969 is set to be released next year. The film has been put together using footage of the shows plus material taken on his tour of Europe that year, according to his sister Janie Hendrix. "There were about four cameras that followed Jimi and the guys around in Europe and filmed the two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall", she told Billboard. She added that footage shows him and his band "coming off trains, planes and automobiles, signing autographs, Jimi backstage getting ready, in his apartment doing little apartment jams with his friends and then later playing [nightclub] Speakeasy". Janie insisted that the footage is insightful - and that her brother was not put-off by the presence of the camera. "He really does forget the cameras are rolling," she said. "You see those sides of him, the stage and the sweetness with different girlfriends - there's several that are in the film - and how he was around friends and how he was really into listening to the [recording of] the night before's performance." The documentary may be released in cinemas and possibly as a pay-per-view TV offering and DVD. A live soundtrack of the two-night stand is also in the pipeline. Thanks for the report to Nme.com.
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