Kings of Leon: 'Pretty Much Any Song Caleb Hates a Guaranteed Smash Hit'

artist: kings of leon date: 07/19/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Kings of Leon: 'Pretty Much Any Song Caleb Hates a Guaranteed Smash Hit'
Nashville rockers Kings of Leon recently took some time to discuss the latest single "Super Soaker," revealing frontman Caleb Followill as an interesting merit when it comes to picking tracks to release as singles. "Pretty much any song Caleb hates is guaranteed a smash hit, a Grammy or a Brit award," said drummer Nathan Followill through laughter during a recent chat on BBC Radio 1. "I'm the worst," Caleb jokingly confirmed (via NME). The single itself comes off the group's upcoming record "Mechanical Bull" set to drop on September 24 via RCA Records. While discussing the upcoming effort, guitarist Matthew Followill stated that unlike with the previous record, there was no tension or pressure during the making process. "The pressure was really off of us on this last one. We were our own bosses," the axeman said. "There were no bills because we bought the studio ourselves, there was no timeframe when it had to be done by. Us being able to take a break, we kind of got to fall back in love with what we loved about it in the first place, which was picking up your instruments and and playing and smiling onstage and actually having fun, and not feeling like it's a job." The previous Kings of Leon record, "Come Around Sundown," saw its release in October 2010 as the group's fifth studio effort, debuting at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.
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