Lostprophets To Release New Album Next Year

artist: lostprophets date: 11/22/2006 category: upcoming releases
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Lostprophets To Release New Album Next Year
Lostprophets have revealed that they plan to get their next album out before the end of 2007. Speaking to Gigwise, guitarist Mike Lewis says he wants the recording process to be much faster than their last album. He explained: "We're gonna start writing the next record in February, March time. In the past we've always toured, taken a break to write and record a record and then toured again. But with our next record we're not gonna do it that way. "We're gonna take March off and write and then do the arena tour in April and The Full Ponty in May and hopefully we're gonna record the album in May or June. We just wanna do the next record very different. "The first record was done in two weeks, y'know our second record took a year, our last one was a year the next one we wanna take it back. Write it in a month, record it in a month and get it out the end of next year."
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