Megadeth Film Live DVD

artist: Megadeth date: 04/02/2010 category: upcoming releases
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Megadeth Film Live DVD
Wednesday night's (March 31) Megadeth concert at the Palladium in Hollywood, California was reportedly filmed for a forthcoming DVD. The band's setlist was as follows: 01. Skin O' My Teeth 02. In My Darkest Hour 03. She-Wolf 04. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 05. Hangar 18 06. Take No Prisoners 07. Five Magics 08. Poison Was The Cure 09. Lucretia 10. Tornado Of Souls 11. Dawn Patrol 12. Rust In Peace... Polaris 13. Trust 14. The Right To Go Insane 15. Head Crusher 16. Symphony Of Destruction 17. Peace Sells 18. Holy Wars (Reprise) Check out photos of last night's concert at Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine was interviewed by Jose Mangin, program director for Sirius XM, on March 18, 2010 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. During the chat, Mustaine spoke about a recently recorded Megadeth song which will be used in an as-yet-undisclosed project later this year. Listen to the chat in eight parts here. "That was a top-secret track that we haven't been able to announce where it's getting directed to," he said. "It's a song called 'Sudden Death', and appropriately so. And it's a pretty long song it's not our usual three-to-four-minute length; it's more along the lines of... I think it's about five minutes long. He continued, "We were approached to do a track for a specific purpose and we delivered it, and they said, 'Can you do more solos?' And I thought, 'Pfft, are you kidding?' That's like asking a guy, 'Do you wanna have some more sex?' So I went back in there and I went, 'Solo, solo, solo.' And I called Chris [Broderick, MEGADETH guitarist] back, and I said, 'C'mon back down here. Let's have some more fun.' And all you could hear was engines revving and brakes screeching out in front of the studio when he got there. You know, that's what we live for is playing now." Read more at
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