Muse Have 'No Concrete Plans' at End of Six Album Contract

artist: Muse date: 10/18/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Muse Have 'No Concrete Plans' at End of Six Album Contract
Muse have revealed that they have "no concrete plans" regarding what to do now that their six album record deal is up - but they do plan to start work on their next album in 2014. As Gigwise reports, Warner Bros. Records bought Muse's six album deal from original label Taste Media in 2005 - meaning that "The 2nd Law" will be their last contracted record with them. Now in a new interview with Billboard, frontman Matt Bellamy said that the band were "at a crossroads" and planned to take time off to think about where to go from here. "Early next year I think we'll probably take a break for a few months and at some point next year we'll start writing new music," he said. "I think if everyone is up for it, we'll start recording music sometime next year." Many believe that Muse are likely to release future music via their own record label, Helium-3. Helium-3 is a sub-division of Warner formed by the band before the release of "Black Holes and Revelations." Meanwhile, Muse are gearing up for the release of their upcoming concert movie, "Live at Rome Olympic Stadium." It will be shown in cinemas from 6 November, 2013. The 'ultra-HD' concert movie was shot during their 2013 tour, and last week they announced that it will go on general release in cinemas on 6 November, 2013. Matt Bellamy said that they were inspired by the pioneering use of technology in U2's 2008 concert movie "U2HD" - encouraging them to 'up their game' with their already insanely high production values. "There's weird things like hair and stuff that you probably would never pay attention to," Bellamy said. "It's so much more noticeably sharper that it's almost unsettling at first." He continued: "You see the sort of big panning (shot) across the audience and your eyes are drawn to the details of so many people's heads and what they're wearing." Announcing the film, the band said on Facebook: "We are very pleased to confirm the release of a brand new film: "Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium." The first ever concert film shot in 4K Ultra High Definition. On 5th November 20 cinemas in 20 cities will host special advance screenings exclusively in 4K and you can be there! Tickets are on-sale now." Speaking of the film in a statement, the band say: "This is the biggest tour we've done in terms of scale and production value and it's definitely the show we're most proud of so we're really excited to be able to release it as the first ever ultra high definition concert film. It captures an extraordinary amount of detail and not just everything we're doing - the fans, even those at the back, the set, the actors and the incredible atmosphere on a very special night in Rome.

"We can promise our fans, whether they managed to come to the live shows or not, an entirely new Muse concert experience." Watch the movie trailer below.
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