New Deftones Possibly Out This Year, Band Working in 'Not Really Organized Fashion'

artist: Deftones date: 01/20/2014 category: upcoming releases
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New Deftones Possibly Out This Year, Band Working in 'Not Really Organized Fashion'
We might be looking at a new Deftones album sometime this year, as bassist Sergio Vega recently confirmed the guys are constantly working on fresh material, although not in "really organized fashion."

Asked by Faster Louder magazine on whether the album writing has begun, Sergio replied: "Not in a really organized fashion, everyone [in the band] is prolific and everyone does a lot, and most of us do something with people outside of the band as well, so there's always something.

"We're sharing each other's things, it's happening all the time," the bassist continued. "It's our business and it's our hobby, and it's another reason I like playing with these guys - because when they're not making music they're still making music [laughs]. We share it with each other directly or we check out each other's stuff online, and we'll message each other on rare occasions being like 'Here's a riff,' or whatever. But when we get all together we wind up setting up some way to record things, and things happen kind of quickly, we document all that and the band has a really good work flow."

Directly asked if the album might happen in 2014, Vega added: "Yeah possibly, not for any kind of thing that we've talked about, but if there’s time and we're around each other, and we get together, there's no reason not to."

As the latest Deftones studio effort, "Koi No Yokan" saw its release in November 2012 via Reprise Records.
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