New Strokes Single Due?

artist: strokes date: 01/18/2013 category: upcoming releases
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New Strokes Single Due?
Seattle radio station 107.7 are today claiming that they have a leak of the new Strokes single. The station have posted the following two statements on their official Facebook page: "Previewing brand new Strokes 'All The Time' thanks to RCA Records. We'll have to 'leak' this soon. You won't be disappointed." Follow up: Spoke with RCA Records again this morning after we were fortunate enough to hear some new tracks off their upcoming album. The first official radio single will be "All The Time". However we can't comment on release dates just yet. Soon enough though... The news comes after the band's record label denied that the band was working on a new album earlier this summer. As NME reports though, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr's father revealed that the reports were true, and offered the following comment on the record: "Albert says that the stuff they're doing is incredible. They're doing it themselves with their friend, engineer and producer. He just says, 'Dad, it's incredible'." Hammond Sr. also stated that the album would not sound wildly different from 2011's "Angles": "I don't think they'll go in a wildly different direction. Obviously the songs will be different, but I think The Strokes are The Strokes; they always will be The Strokes."
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