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artist: opeth date: 05/27/2011 category: upcoming releases
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Ever since the critically acclaimed "Watershed" was released just over three years ago, fans of progressive metal group Opeth have been waiting for some new material. It was announced a few months ago that Opeth had begun work on their latest album, and now most of the information concerning that record has just been released. The album will be named "Heritage", and will be Opeth's tenth studio album to date. The band plans to release the record as a regular CD, a special edition, a box set, and a double vinyl on September 20th this year through Roadrunner Records. "It will be our 10th album/observation," said frontman Mikael kerfeldt. "I dig it; we all do. In fact, it feels like I've been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19." Mikael also took some time to discuss the sound and atmosphere of the new material: "It's quite intense at times in some old murky way, and quite beautiful and stark at times, if I may say so myself. It's obvious I'm going to say nice things about it since I wrote, basically, the whole piece, but I guess it will raise a few eyebrows and it certainly is an acquired taste. I think you'll need a slightly deeper understanding of our music as a whole to be able to appreciate this record." "I've realized my influences for this album are so diverse that I can't really say what it sounds like," Mikael continued. "If I can compare it to any other band, it would have to be Opeth, but it's different from the stuff we've done before. I've listened a lot to Alice Cooper for the last year, yet I can't say it sounds like No More Mr. Nice Guy'. I hope you'll like it once you hear it." Opeth have also released the track listing for Heritage: 01. Heritage 02. The Devil's Orchard 03. I Feel The Dark 04. Slither 05. Nepenthe 06. Haxprocess 07. Famine 08. The Lines In My Hand 09. Folklore 10. Marrow Of The Earth
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