Panic At The Disco Name New Album And Release Plan

artist: panic at the disco date: 12/20/2010 category: upcoming releases
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Panic At The Disco have revealed the name of their new album and told fans it will be released in March. According to the record has been given the title "Vices And Virtues". The LP, the band's third full-length effort, will be their first since founding member and principal songwriter Ryan Ross left the band along with bassist Jon Walker in 2009 due to "musical differences". Ross and Walker have gone on to form The Young Veins, who released their debut album "Take A Vacation" in June this year. However, Walker recently announced on his Twitter page, that the band are now "on hiatus". Panic At The Disco have also named their new single. The track, tentatively-titled "Mona Lisa", will come out in January 2011. The band have also said that their tour plans "are still in the works". Thanks for the report to
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