Porcupine Tree Frontman Reveals Title For Upcoming Solo Album

artist: Steven Wilson date: 06/28/2011 category: upcoming releases
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Porcupine Tree Frontman Reveals Title For Upcoming Solo Album
Steven Wilson, frontman of U.K. progressive rock veterans Porcupine Tree, has revealed that his forthcoming solo album will carry the title of "Grace For Drowning" and will serve as the follow up to 2008's "Insurgentes". While no other details were given, Wilson has released the following two video trailers online which features artwork from the upcoming release. Steven Wilson previously commented on the album by saying: "A year in the making, this is without doubt my biggest project to date, perhaps my most ambitious and personal music, and with some phenomenal musicians and performances on it." "Drummer Nic France in particular is going to blow a lot of people away."
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