Rush Finish Recording New Album

artist: Rush date: 12/22/2011 category: upcoming releases
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Rush Finish Recording New Album
It has been almost two years since progressive power trio Rush first announced that they had begun work on a new record. Now it looks like the recording for the forthcoming album, entitled "Clockwork Angels", has been finished. Sound engineer Richard Chycki, the man behind the recent 5.1 surround sound mixing of Rush's classic albums "Moving Pictures", "Fly By Night", "A Farewell To Kings", and "Signals", has also been hard at work on the new album. He just recently suggested that the band has now completed the recording process. "2 months at Revolution Studio in Toronto. Thanks for the hospitality guys! #wrapped" Chycki revealed through his Twitter page, referring to the studio where Rush has been recording the album. With the recording now done it looks like Rush are right on track with the January mixing and spring release date that guitarist Alex Lifeson predicted in an interview with Planet Rock last month. The results of a recent poll conducted by Guitar World indicate that Rush's "Clockwork Angels" is the most anticipated 2012 release, followed by the new Black Sabbath, Van Halen, and Tool albums.
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