Scorpions Release New Album Early 2010

artist: Scorpions date: 10/19/2009 category: upcoming releases
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Scorpions Release New Album Early 2010
Veteran German hard rockers Scorpions recently spent time in the studio with Swedish producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen (the team behind The Rasmus' "Dead Letters" CD) recording their new album for an early 2010 release. "We are working on 12 songs at the moment," guitarist Mathias Jabs tells Scorps News. "Great stuff. Definitely 'Scorpionized' in sound and attitude. More towards the early Eighties." Although Scorpions' new CD is tentatively due in Europe in March, a U.S. release date has yet to be pinned down. "Azoff Management [which represents Scorpions] is currently working on the [record] deal," Jabs says. "Simultaneous release is up to the record companies." He adds, "The weak dollar has been a reason to delay the U.S. release in order to avoid bad imports in the 'rest' of the world, for all non-American bands in recent years." Scorpions recently extended their record deal with Ariola, which is part of the international media conglomerate Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The band's latest CD, "Humanity - Hour 1", was produced by James Michael and co-produced by songwriter/producer Desmond Child, who has worked with such high-profile pop/rock artists as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Ricky Martin, Cher, Michael Bolton and Bonnie Tyler. Thanks for the report to
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