Sepultura Reportedly Recorded Six Songs for the New Album

artist: sepultura date: 06/10/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Sepultura Reportedly Recorded Six Songs for the New Album
Sepultura have recorded six songs from the newest album, Brave Words reports. Brazilian thrashers are currently making the record with producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Limp Bizkit) at his studio in Venice, California. Robinson produced the band's classic "Roots" album in 1995. Released in February 1996 by Roadrunner, it was the band's last studio album to feature founding member and vocalist Max Cavalera. Guitarist Andreas Kisser checks in from the studio: "We are flowing with the recording now, things are going great and we are capturing an amazing performance from Eloy (Casagrande). "Ross is a master on motivating a musician in the studio, he can find the right words and the right manner to say things, the songs grow so much. When we are ready to record all the ideas are fresh in our heads, with full meaning and strength, a process that making not only a great album but is making this band stronger. "We have six songs recorded, is going in a rate of two songs a day and Ross is also giving important suggestions on some arrangements and directions, he is so sensitive and very close to nature, philosophical but real, very real." He continued: "We are all together in a very small room playing our hearts out, Ross is jumping and screaming making us explode on the room. All is sweaty and full of energy that you almost can grab it, is amazing." Watch the band's footage from the studio below:
The band's frontman Derrick Green hinted last month, that new album will be "metal as hell." "We have written most of the music already and now we are working on lyrics for the album," said Green. "We should have everything ready before we hit the studio June 1st." "The album is sounding really sinister, dark, and metal as hell! "It's been great working with [the band's 22-year-old drummer] Eloy [Casagrande] in the writing process because it brings a whole different energy to the music. The many changes that have been going on in our lives and in the world also add to the making of the new album." The follow-up to 2011's "Kairos" is due in October via Nuclear Blast Records. It is being co-produced by Steve Evetts, who has worked with Sepultura on 2001's "Nation," 2002's "Revolusongs" and 2003's "Roorback." Sepultura's upcoming CD will mark the first time the band will have recorded an album outside Brazil since "Against."
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