Serj Tankian Switches to EDM, Presents Benny Benassi Collaboration

artist: serj tankian date: 08/15/2014 category: upcoming releases
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Serj Tankian Switches to EDM, Presents Benny Benassi Collaboration
System of a Down fans probably won't be thrilled with this one, but vocalist Serj Tankian has recently drifted into the world of popular EDM music, making a guest appearance on one of the fresh Benny Benassi tracks titled "Shooting Helicopters."

So although SOAD haven't released a new album since 2006, Tankian's still been quite a prolific artist, presenting five solo records and a few collaborations, most notably the one with Tech N9ne.

As for EDM, this isn't Serj's first journey into the world of dance music either, since the singer was announced as one of the guest stars on Avicii's upcoming sophomore album.

Back to the Benassi tune, only a three-minute teaser was presented so far, but the full song is very likely to drop soon. Tankian's high-pitched voice can easily be distinguished and has earned mostly props from the EMD crowd thus far.

Additionally, the singer has recently also confirmed working on music for two-part documentary film "East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints," making him quite a busy bee, but only further and further drifting away from SOAD.

Serj's bandmates weren't afraid to point at him as one of the reasons why the group isn't making progress with the new album, noting that "there are problems in this band." "We probably would have been in the studio making an album already, but for personal reasons, one of our members can't be in the studio right now," said drummer John Dolmayan.

But enough of all that; check out the latest tune below and let us know what you think.

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